Memorandum of Understanding

Lincoln Institute’s Emerging Leaders Survey Project, Sponsored by LINCOLN INSTITUTE® and ROYAL CANIN®


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been entered into between Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business Pty Ltd (herein known as “LIVB”) and Various Participants (Veterinary Nurse and Veterinary Technician Enrolees), collectively referred to as “The Parties”


The future sustainability of the veterinary profession relies on a workforce that can meet the growing demand for veterinary services occurring around the globe. As such, LIVB and Royal Caninhave partnered together with the VNCA and NZVNA on a pilot project in an attempt to impact the effectiveness, satisfaction and well-being of veterinary nurses and technicians in their roles. The “Emerging Leaders” program has been supporting veterinary team members for nearly a decade, mentoring veterinary professionals with non-technical competencies proven to support things like better workplace relationships, superior patient outcomes, more effective teamwork and culture.


This MOU will come into effect as of the date listed at the time of signature below, and last for a period of at least 12-months to allow Participants to complete the 12-module course, as well as participate in the post training survey and Post-Completion Questionnaire.


The purpose of this MOU is to clearly outline the responsibilities of The Parties who are agreeing to enter a mutual partnership with the Emerging Leaders Survey Project and LIVB as a pilot for potential longer term and larger scale implementation in years to come. You agree to be enrolled as a Participant in the bespoke delivery of the Emerging Leaders Program and associated research project called The Emerging Leaders Pilot.

The agreement terms of the MOU are described below for each of the Parties:

Responsibilities of the Participant

  • Complete the full 12-module course of “Emerging Leaders”, along with introductory and support videos, within a 12 month period commencing in 2024.
  • Each module will be delivered virtually in a video-conference format alongside other VNCA members across the country.
    The webinar for each module will be approximately 60 minutes in length including activities and will occur approximately every 3 to 3.5 weeks.
  • You will ideally attend one of the allocated times for live virtual viewing for each module.
  • If an emergency or illness precludes your attendance of a live session in a given month, you also commit to logging into the learning platform (VetHub) and viewing this module and completing reflections exercises at a time that suits.
  • In order to confirm your progress and retention, all students will be required to complete the quiz provided on the learning platform. This will assist with provision of your CPD certificate upon completion.
  • In addition, you will be committing to supporting the VNCA, Royal Canin and LIVB in the collection of some data in relation to your education in this Pilot.
  • The data you will assist us with includes completing a survey indirectly assessing your satisfaction, effectiveness and well-being at two key points throughout the pilot:
    • Before you start the modules
    • Upon finishing 12 months of the training
  • You will also be required to complete a short Post-completion Questionnaire after completion of the 12-month research period, providing your sentiments as to the programs impact on you personally and professionally.
  • In addition you may be given the opportunity to provide a case study testimonial, in return for which you may receive additional benefits.
  • As a condition of your participation, you will allow LIVB to collect personal data from yourself, including the responses to the survey. These will be anonymised and mostly aggregated to be utilised in publications, educational opportunities, and marketing materials for LIVB, Royal Canin and VNCA. We will assign you with a unique candidate identifier in order to ensure the anonymity of your survey responses.
  • You will need to be willing to participate in two facilitated check in webinars organised by LIVB, to both deepen the learning on particular subjects, and help all Parties gauge progress and feedback on your experience with the course as a ‘Deep Dive’.
  • You will consider joining the global networking group for other Participants in this pilot via an application e.g. WhatsApp or Circle where you can ask questions, collaborate and learn more.
  • You also agree that your log-in details should be kept confidential and secure, and are not to share, duplicate, modify or copy any of the content or materials from the “Emerging Leaders” Course.
  • You will be responsive to any personalised communications that in rarer instances may be required to be made by LIVB, Royal Canin and VNCA with you during your participation.
    You will also advise us of any contact detail changes, or change of circumstances in your employment during this period e.g., moved out of nursing into another role.

Responsibilities of LIVB

  • Provide you, the Participant with access to the “Emerging Leaders” program offered by LIVB.
  • Provide any technical support that might be required with the course, supported via our LIVB customer concierge.
  • Ensure that the survey results and personal data of the Participant remain securely stored, and all results will either be collated or anonymised before appearing in any published materials in order to protect the privacy of the Participant.
  • Support and facilitate the ‘Deep Dive’ webinars around 3 & 9-months into the course progression for all Participants.
  • CPD certificates will be issued upon completion of both the training, all retention quizzes and required data submissions.

By entering your name and date in the fields below you are acknowledging you understand and commit to  your responsibilities as a Participant in the Emerging leaders Pilot. This will effect of the date you enter your details.

LINCOLN INSTITUTE OF VETERINARY BUSINESS PTY LTD commits to this MOU, confirmed on behalf of the company by:

Name: Dr. Michael Powell – BVSc (Hons), Director at The Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business

Date: February 13th 2024

Contact Details for the respective companies as part of this MOU are as follows:

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