Dr Sam Jones

Dr Sam Jones

Leadership Coach

Dr Sam Jones has been a veterinary business owner since 2015. Through his vision, he was worked to create an inspiring and fun workspace where veterinarians and veterinary nurses flourish both personally and professionally.

Sam’s success is evidenced by significant growth of his Practice, whilst achieving 25% net profit and maintaining outstanding levels of team engagement. He did this by applying the principles learned though Lead to Succeed and hosting regular adventurous activities for his team that have become a trademark of his brand.

Sam was runner up for Australia’s Best Team Leader Award in 2021 and the University of Georgia Veterinary School use his Practice to teach students about the importance of workplace culture.

Sam has also attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within and Business Mastery seminars and started his own mastermind group in order to harness the power of other veterinary practice owners’ business experience.

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