Waiver for Experiential Activity – Trimester 3 Event (Team Quebec)

You, herein known as the participant, acknowledges and agrees that the experiential activity organised by Lincoln Institute and conducted by the organisation described below is in the nature of an “experiential activity” and as such, has inherent dangers and risks, including risk of injury or death to the participant.

Activity: Trimester 3 Experiential Activity in Queenstown

Conducted by: Lincoln Institute

On (date): March 7th and 8th 2024

The participant acknowledges and agrees that due to the nature of the activity, it would be unreasonable for Lincoln Institute to be in any way responsible for any injury to or death of the participant and the participant by this, to the full extent permitted by law, agrees and undertakes to indemnify and hold Lincoln Institute harmless during the entirety of the event including attendance and participation in the activity from, waives all of his or her legal rights of action against and fully releases the company for loss, damages, injury or death howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by the participant in the activities organised by Lincoln Institute including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of Lincoln Institute, its office bearers, directors, employees or agents.

The participant further acknowledges and agrees that he or she has undertaken the activity freely, voluntarily and absolutely at his or her own risk and with a full appreciation of the nature and extent of all risks involved in the activity. This waiver must bind the participant and his or her executors.