The Emerging Leaders Pilot – Sponsored by Royal Canin and Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business

Emerging Leaders Program – The future sustainability of the veterinary profession relies on a workforce that can meet the growing demand for veterinary services occurring around the globe. As part of the Nursekind Campaign, Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business and Royal Canin have partnered together with the Veterinary Nurse Council of Australia and the New Zealand Veterinary Nurse Association on a pilot project, in an attempt to impact the effectiveness, satisfaction and well-being of veterinary nurses and technicians in their roles.

The “Emerging Leaders” program has been supporting veterinary team members for nearly a decade, mentoring veterinary professionals with non-technical competencies proven to support things like better workplace relationships, superior patient outcomes, more effective teamwork and culture.

We welcome your application to participate in this Pilot and want to thank you for playing your part in securing a more sustainable future for this fantastic industry. Please click on the button below to commence your application!