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Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business demonstrates a commitment to excellence in our work towards transforming the veterinary industry through healthy workplace cultures, non-clinical skills training, and sustainable business practices.

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Who We Serve

Crafted by veterinarians, our bespoke training programs and support are tailored to meet the needs of every role in an organisation – from junior kennel hand to business owner – creating healthy workplace cultures where business leaders, practitioners, and the teams that support them thrive together to enjoy enhanced professional fulfilment and sustainable commercial success.


Our Lead to Succeed program is for
Practice Owners & Senior Managers

A live, in-person three-year executive veterinary leadership and business development program for practice owners and senior managers that generates enhanced personal effectiveness, team performance, and commercial success, culminating in improved culture, engagement, talent retention, and lasting financial prosperity.


Our Chrysalis program is for
Prospective & Current Team Leaders

An immersive, live, and in-person four-day leadership development program for prospective and current team leaders to reach new professional heights, equipped with critical competencies to not only bring their best selves to their roles, but also become more successful and influential leaders of your team.


Our Emerging Leaders program is for
All Veterinary Team

Across 24 virtually delivered video modules, this development program teaches critical behavioural competencies that will collectively engage and empower every member of your organisation in their own personal leadership and interpersonal skills, contributing to a healthier culture, increased engagement, and higher performance together.


Our Leading Edge for Veterinarians program is for
Practice Owners, Veterinary Professionals & Students

Across 104 weekly video modules, this program delivers evidence-based, targeted non-technical competency development, crafted to proactively empower practicing veterinarians to enjoy improved fulfilment, effectiveness, and wellbeing in their careers, while supporting commercial sustainability of your practice.

How We Serve

Our programs provide skills, strategies, and support to enhance operational efficiency, increase talent retention, and maximise financial performance. By developing you and your team’s leadership and non-clinical competencies, patient outcomes and client satisfaction are optimised, supporting long-term success and viability of your business.


Improved Financial Returns

Unlock your veterinary practice’s full commercial potential by developing commercial acumen, nurturing a highly effective and stable team, along with leadership skills that support successful execution of business strategy.


Healthy Team Culture

Shape the workplace culture you’ve always envisioned – a high-performing, resilient, and engaged team where all team members feel a strong sense of accountability for their behaviour and its contribution to positive relationships with colleagues and clients alike.


Reduced Staff Turnover

Safeguard the future of your veterinary practice with evidence-based training proven to proactively enhance workplace fulfilment, wellbeing, engagement, and retention, while supporting your financial ability to enhance remuneration and work conditions.


Better Patient & Client Care

Directly impact patient care and client outcomes by providing targeted training to enhance interpersonal communication, patient advocacy, and consulting room sales ability across all experience levels – from new graduates to senior veterinarians.


Exceptional Client Support

Throughout your journey with us, you will be supported by our team of facilitators, educational resources, and ongoing coaching. You will also feel connected with a global collective of veterinary professionals who are on the same journey as you.

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