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    Paul Ainsworth

    Paul Ainsworth

    A decorated leader with a diverse background in military service, corporate management, and entrepreneurial ventures, known for his transformative impact on organisations.
    Dr Chris Gough

    Dr Chris Gough

    A visionary veterinarian and systems expert, who drives business success through his practical, real-world strategies that set a benchmark for veterinary excellence.
    Dr Gary Turnbull

    Dr Gary Turnbull

    A distinguished veterinarian and international speaker, renowned for his expertise in leadership, non-clinical professional mastery, and strategic business development.
    Dr Michael Powell

    Dr Michael Powell

    A veterinary business thought-leader and global presenter who champions animal welfare and professional empowerment through groundbreaking research.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business?

    Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business is a world-leading professional development organisation shaping a brighter future for the veterinary industry since 2011.


    With a presence spanning 27 countries and five continents, our mission is to safeguard the welfare of millions of animals worldwide by supporting the extraordinary veterinary professionals that care for them to experience more fulfilment, effectiveness, and wellbeing.


    Through bespoke evidence-based education in leadership, non-technical competencies, and business acumen, informed by extensive front-line experience in practice and business across our international team, our unique approach empowers individuals in every role within veterinary organisations – from kennel hand to veterinary business owner.


    Our tailored programs are proven to promote enhanced wellbeing, healthier workplace cultures, and lasting commercial success. The support we facilitate is underpinned by a worldwide network that unites veterinary professionals, as well as pioneering research, advocacy, and philanthropy.

    At Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, we intimately understand the challenges faced by veterinary business owners and veterinary professionals. Through pioneering research and paradigm-changing non-clinical training, education, and support, our organisation stands at the forefront of the veterinary industry.


    With a significant cumulative wealth of knowledge and front-line experience in veterinary practice and business, our team of facilitators, coaches, and presenters appreciate the challenges you are currently facing. As mentors, they have themselves leveraged the power of education and support to elevate their professional experience. Crafted by veterinary professionals, Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business offers a range of bespoke virtual and live courses in leadership, non-clinical skills training, and business development to individuals and teams worldwide. 


    Whether you’re a veterinary business owner, a practicing veterinarian, or support team member, we are ready to guide you towards a longer, happier, and healthier professional future. Our transformational programs will unlock higher levels of engagement, accountability, and productivity within your veterinary team, leading to enhanced patient outcomes, reduced attrition rates, and improved financial performance.

    Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business currently offers five programs to veterinary professionals, including:


    Leading Edge for Veterinarians


    Leading Edge for Veterinarians was developed to proactively support more fulfilment and wellbeing for practicing veterinarians, as well as the commercial success of the organisations they work within. This 104-week virtually delivered non-technical competency development program offers easy-to-apply techniques and strategies, proven to increase resilience to typical stressors, improve relationships with colleagues and clients, as well as enhance patient outcomes. Mentored by accomplished veterinarians, this RACE Accredited CPD proactively empowers participants to truly master the art of veterinary practice and enjoy longer, more fulfilling careers.


    Lead to Succeed


    Lead to Succeed is an innovative business leadership program meticulously crafted to revolutionise outdated leadership models that impede organisational performance and talent retention. This three-year cohort-based training for practice owners and senior managers addresses the root causes of stress in running a veterinary business and unlocks higher levels of engagement, accountability, and productivity within your team, leading to reduced administrative load, enhanced financial performance, and profitability. Enjoy more fulfilment, heathier culture, and secure commercial sustainability for your organisation.




    Elevate your rising stars with Chrysalis, a four-day immersive leadership program, complemented by three months of continued learning to cultivate exceptional veterinary leaders. Focused on empowering team leaders and prospective managers, Chrysalis hones personal and interpersonal leadership acumen across critical domains. Guided by facilitators who possess firsthand business leadership experience, your future veterinary leaders will be provided with real-world insights and engage with a supportive cohort of veterinary peers, making Chrysalis an unmatched opportunity for leadership development.


    Emerging Leaders


    At Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, we recognise the success of your veterinary practice hinges on leadership from team members at every level. Emerging Leaders is dedicated to fostering enhanced personal leadership, interpersonal relationships, and healthier culture across your entire veterinary team. Delivered through a video-based modular series, Emerging Leaders harnesses online learning with expert facilitators and veterinary mentors to nurture essential behavioural skills for high performance. Through this RACE Accredited CPD, create the self-reliant, highly effective, and resilient team you envision for your organisation.


    Veterinary Leadership Mastery


    Veterinary Leadership Mastery is the pinnacle of Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business’ offerings, and exclusively available to accomplished practice owners and senior managers who have graduated from Lead to Succeed. Over a transformative 12-month journey, executive leaders learn to amplify their leadership capabilities and embody their optimal selves. Through Veterinary Leadership Mastery, you will delve into advanced leadership principles applicable to both personal and professional realms, empowering you to adeptly lead your team and steer your organisation to new levels of success. This live and virtual training, shared with a curated cohort of like-minded and accomplished veterinary business leaders, ensures your growth within an elite community.

    Our two-minute quiz will help you find out which program is right for you. To get started, click here.


    If you’d prefer to talk to a real person, you can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our team.


    Phone: +61 447 664 716

    To request to join our mailing list and stay informed about events, programs, and special offers, please go to Support and then complete the contact form.


    You’re also welcome to join our free community where veterinary professionals worldwide come together to connect, grow, and share. To join, click here.

    Lincoln Advantage is a member benefits scheme available to all Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business program participants and alumni and designed to give your organisation a commercially competitive edge. 


    Through Lincoln Advantage, our members enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of goods and services, including veterinary wholesale drugs and consumables, veterinary equipment, human resources, legal, construction, insurance, and more. Members also experience commercial benefits from a range of manufacturer rebates. 


    Lincoln Advantage not only offers our members significant savings, but in most cases, it more than offsets the cost of investment in our training programs. By reducing the overheads in a veterinary practice, the deals negotiated by Lincoln Advantage afford our members a pathway to enhanced commercial performance in a financially challenging marketplace.


    To learn more about Lincoln Advantage, contact Chris Gough, Director of Operations.


    Phone: +61 400 888 544

    The Australasian Veterinary Leadership Awards is an annual awards gala event, founded in 2018. The Awards celebrate veterinary practices and individuals making exceptional contributions that directly confront key workforce challenges and demonstrating extraordinary leadership practices.


    The Awards were launched in response to the findings of the Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business’ 2018/19 research study on Veterinary Shortage, which highlighted the critical role of personal and organisational leadership in talent retention in the veterinary profession.


    Poor workplace culture and lack of fulfilment were identified as two primary reasons why veterinarians are leaving their roles and the industry altogether. The Awards aim to shine a spotlight on those who are creating positive change through effective leadership.


    The Australasian Veterinary Leadership Awards include two categories for finalists and award winners, including:


    • Australasian Best Led Practice Award
    • Australasian Best Team Leader Award

    All nominees for the Australasian Best Led Practice Award undergo a comprehensive full-practice Leadership Audit, performed by Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, which examines and reviews team and owner/manager achievements across 18 key leadership criteria.


    Any organisation that has participated in intensive veterinary-specific business leadership development with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business may submit a nomination. Nominee submissions must be accompanied by a written submission, centred around leadership accomplishments related to key criteria.


    For more information on entering your practice, please contact us at: [email protected].


    All nominees for the Australasian Best Led Team Leader undergo a rigorous assessment by Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, which assesses individual achievements across 12 key leadership criteria.


    Only veterinary business employers or managers may submit a nomination, and nominees must have engaged in intensive veterinary-specific leadership training with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business. Nominee submissions must be accompanied by a written submission, centred around leadership accomplishments related to the defined key leadership criteria.


    For more information on nominating a leader in your practice, please contact us at: [email protected].

    The Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business free community is a global collective of veterinary professionals who share our ambition to shape a brighter industry future. Through our free community, you can:


    • Interact with industry leaders, collaborate with peers, and build your professional network.
    • Access education and resources designed to take your career or business to new heights.
    • Stay informed with great free content, news on upcoming educational events, and other special offers.


    Our community is 100% free. To join, click here.

    Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business’ Employer of Choice Accreditation is well established as the highest level of veterinary leadership accreditation available in Australia. This Award recognises the completion of three years of leadership, personal, and team development through our flagship Lead to Succeed program.


    All recipients of Employer of Choice Accreditation must successfully pass a series of final assessments at the conclusion of the three-year Lead to Succeed program and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Ongoing training and auditing is required to maintain accreditation.


    This accreditation distinguishes their veterinary practice in a highly competitive marketplace by acknowledging a significant commitment to valuing their people, ensuring not just a heathy and supportive culture for them, but an environment where personal and professional growth and excellence is promoted.

    To maintain currency of Employer of Choice’ Accreditation, all accredited practices must undergo a detailed Annual Leadership Audit and/or attend ongoing leadership training with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business.

    Representative bodies and registry bodies can verify certain educational programs as having met the criteria for continuing professional development (CPD) accreditation approval.


    This approval gives veterinary professionals the peace of mind the educational content has been reviewed and approved and is a good choice for meeting their ongoing CPD requirements to maintain registration.


    Currently, the Leading Edge for Veterinarians and Emerging Leaders programs are RACE Accredited, AVA VetEd Approved, and NZVA Accredited CPD.


    The Emerging Leaders program is also currently under review for RACE approval.

    The American Association of Veterinary State Board’s (AAVSB) Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) program develops and applies uniform standards for veterinary medicine continuing education. Their goal is to support the AAVSB member boards by ensuring that all RACE-approved continuing education programs meet appropriate standards of quality.


    RACE-approved continuing education programs are widely recognised by veterinary professionals as quality courses which help them meet their compliance obligations for licensure. Providers voluntarily apply to the RACE program and agree to abide by the RACE Standards. The RACE program reviews and approves programs, but does not provide accreditation.

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