Collaborate with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business

Work together with us to create positive change that safeguards the future of the veterinary profession

We are privileged to partner with many of the leading veterinary industry pharmaceutical, nutritional, professional services companies, and associations who align with our vision and mission for supporting a brighter future for the profession we cherish.

Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business strives to proactively support enhanced professional satisfaction and lasting commercial prosperity through the provision of transformative leadership, non-technical skill, and business acumen educational opportunities. Our mission is to empower veterinary professionals with the expertise and capabilities to flourish in a rapidly changing veterinary industry landscape.

Our Partners are leaders in their fields, who want to add value to their clients, key accounts, or members. They share our passion for the power of non-clinical education and support to enhance the outcomes of the veterinary profession globally. By partnering with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, we can enrich your organisation, amplify your impact, and collaborate with you for an outcome creates that positive change and supports your key objectives.

Our Partners

Corporate Partners

Industry corporate partners play a crucial role in supporting our mission to positively impact the veterinary profession on a global scale. As organisations that share our vision for positive change in the veterinary industry, and by connection safeguarding animal welfare, we collaborate with resources, expertise, and influence to drive meaningful contributions.


By partnering with us, corporate veterinary industry stakeholders gain the opportunity to actively participate in educational and research initiatives aimed at enhancing veterinary care and empowering professionals. They collaborate on projects that address key challenges within the industry, fostering innovation and promoting best practices. 

Additionally, these partnerships provide avenues to add value to their client base in a unique way that enhances relationships and, via education and support, drives organic product or service sales growth.

Corporate partners benefit from increased brand exposure and recognition as our collaboration provides mutual promotion and visibility. Through our website, social media channels, events, and webinars, their dedication to making a difference in the veterinary field is highlighted, resonating with our engaged community of veterinarians and animal care professionals.

Refer a Veterinary Friend
or Colleague

We are very proud that a significant number of our clients come through referrals. To make this process easy for those looking to share our work with their colleagues, we have created a ‘Refer a Veterinary Friend or Colleague’ program. This is an integral part of our supportive community of growth-driven veterinary professionals.


Our existing clients and community who have experienced the positive impact of our paradigm-changing education and support firsthand become advocates for our mission. By participating in this referral program, they actively contribute to the growth and development of their fellow veterinarians and colleagues, worldwide.

The power of personal recommendation and word-of-mouth helps build trust and credibility, encouraging more veterinary professionals to embark on their own transformative coaching journey with us.

Referring a friend or colleague to our coaching programs is not just about earning rewards, it’s about fostering a culture of support and collaboration within the veterinary community. Each successful referral strengthens the fabric of our interconnected network of professionals, driving collective progress in the industry.

Affiliate Partners

Our affiliate partners share our passion for elevating the veterinary profession and empowering professionals to thrive. Through this partnership, individuals and organisations with an aligned mission can promote our services to their audiences.


By leveraging their platforms and networks, affiliate partners help extend our reach and impact, helping us to engage with more veterinary professionals and businesses who can benefit from our educational programs and support. Each referral driven by our affiliates represents an opportunity to positively influence the lives and careers of those in the global veterinary field.

Affiliate partners not only gain from introducing their colleagues, clients, and members to world-leading training and development, they also align themselves with a highly regarded organisation committed to creating a change for the better in the industry.


In return for your introductions that result in a win-win situation for all involved, we are delighted to provide a financial incentive to recognise both your trust and efforts. For affiliate partners unable to accept any form of financial offering, we can instead provide a contribution to a veterinary charity of their choice.


Alternatively, we can provide educational scholarships on their behalf through our philanthropic work for those in need due to limited financial means, further accelerating our vision and mission to support the veterinary industry.

Large Networks &
Media Partners

Large networks and media partners are instrumental in amplifying our message and fostering widespread awareness about the importance of leadership and personal development in the veterinary field. We nurture these relationships by volunteering our time and expertise for commentary upon request and by presenting potential stories or sharing contacts for editorial content.


By partnering with prominent entities within the veterinary and leadership development communities, we gain access to valuable resources, expertise, and a broader audience. Collaborating with these influential partners allows us to create impactful content, share insights, and host events that resonate with veterinarians, veterinary students, and animal care professionals worldwide.

The support of large networks and media partners significantly contributes to our mission’s success, enabling us to make a profound difference in the lives of countless veterinary professionals and the animals they care for. Our collective efforts foster a stronger and more resilient veterinary community, equipped to navigate the challenges of the ever-evolving industry.