Transforming Veterinary Practice

Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business aims to create a brighter and more sustainable industry future by providing paradigm-changing education and support, equipping veterinary professionals with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an evolving landscape.

For over a decade, Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business has provided contemporary, evidence-based education and support with lasting impact.


Our mission is to safeguard the wellbeing of animals and the extraordinary professionals that care for them through bespoke leadership, business, and non-technical competency development programs. This empowering, proactive approach, targeting all roles in the organisational structure, has been proven to drive professional fulfilment, enhanced clinical outcomes, and lasting commercial prosperity in veterinary business.

At the core of our approach is our commitment to developing exceptional leaders and high-performing teams who are passionately dedicated to positively impacting patients, clients and their colleagues, as well as the profession more broadly. We reduce isolation and encourage collaboration by connecting a like-minded global community of veterinary professionals with a shared passion for a brighter future.


Through our comprehensive programs, research, philanthropy, and industry advocacy, we aim to inspire and equip veterinary practice owners, managers, veterinarians, and the teams that support them to become part of a movement for positive change and creation of a sustainable future for the profession.

Our Mission

Elevate Industry Standards

To positively impact industry sustainability by raising the global standard of leadership, through the provision of paradigm-changing education for business owners, managers, veterinarians, and the teams that support them.

Empower Veterinary Professionals

To empower veterinary professionals to thrive in a period of unprecedented change and take control of the trajectory of their career and business, in turn increasing professional fulfilment and commercial prosperity.


To directly impact the wellbeing of animals and the extraordinary professionals who care for them through pioneering programs, research, and advocacy that proactively supports longer, happier, and healthier veterinary careers.

Our Vision

To safeguard the future of the veterinary profession globally.


Your Trainers

At Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, we “walk the talk”.

Our team is comprised of highly accomplished leaders with extensive experience in veterinary practice and business, who have achieved career fulfilment and commercial success, so you can learn from their real-world results.

Our Team

We share a common goal of creating impactful change in the veterinary profession.

Every member of our team is a passionate champion of our mission to improve the veterinary profession. Together, we can build a brighter future for the industry; one that promotes proactive pathways to wellbeing, talent retention, and long-term commercial sustainability.

Our Partners

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