To those considering programs like Chrysalis, our message is clear: do it. The rewards are immeasurable.

West Blacktown Veterinary Clinic

Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business has truly been a transformative experience. When we first came across your organisation, our veterinary practice was just getting started, so we didn’t face many significant challenges at that point. However, this fortunate discovery marked the beginning of an incredible journey for us. 

It began with an email that landed in our inbox, inviting us to a two-day workshop. We thought, “This could probably help us,” but little did we know how profoundly this opportunity would shape our practice. Attending the workshop, we met Paul Ainsworth, who emphasised that it wasn’t just about us, but about the people who work with us. We soon realised the potential for growth and development for our practice, as well as for ourselves. 

Our journey with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business began with optimism after the invigorating two-day course. However, as we embarked on the Lead to Succeed program, our initial optimism was tempered by some scepticism. The program’s slower pace during the first three months left us wondering if it might be too slow for our taste. Yet, with time, we gained a deeper understanding of the method behind the pace and discovered the value in the measured and considered approach. Even though our journey began with optimism and wavered with scepticism, it ultimately led to profound insights and growth. 

We chose to proceed with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business because your organisation offered us an invaluable opportunity to learn not only about veterinary practice management, but also about ourselves. It taught us how to navigate the intricate web of human interactions, fostering proactive management, rather than reactive responses based on emotions. This transformation was pivotal for us. 

The impact of our journey with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business is difficult to encapsulate in a single statement. Each element, from Chrysalis to Lead to Succeed, contributed to the whole. The comprehensive nature of the programs ensured that what we learned aligned seamlessly, creating a holistic understanding of practice management. 

Our practice has experienced a significant shift since embarking on the Lead to Succeed program. Our team – the heart of our clinic – underwent a transformation. We learned the importance of having the right people in the right positions, and this understanding allowed us to elevate team morale and improve the foundation of our practice. 

On a personal note, it has not only influenced our professional lives, but also enriched our personal ones. The insights we gained in managing our clinic extended to our interactions in our personal lives. These teachings have made us better individuals, both inside and outside of our practice. 

The outcome we sought to achieve through completing Chrysalis and Lead to Succeed was a deep understanding of ourselves, enhanced team dynamics, and proactive management. We progressed toward this outcome by gaining profound insights into ourselves and our team dynamics. We became confident in our abilities and understanding of key metrics, such as fees, wages, and the cost of goods. 

Our clinic’s key metrics have seen improvements, but the real change lies in our refined understanding of these metrics. Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business helped us grasp the intricacies of fees and how they impact our practice. We now approach these aspects with confidence and precision. 

To those considering programs like Chrysalis and Lead to Succeed, our message is clear: do it. We understand the initial investment might seem significant, but the rewards are immeasurable. It has not only benefited our mental wellbeing, but has also been an enriching experience for management. 

When we first considered this investment, our accountant had his reservations about the expense. He suggested we might want to hold off for a year and reconsider. However, as we progressed through the program, witnessing the transformative impact it had on our practice, his perspective shifted entirely. Today, he emphatically recommends it as one of the most valuable investments we’ve made. So, without a doubt, I would encourage others to take the same path. 

Overall, our experience with Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business has been transformative on all levels. From enhancing our clinic’s management to improving our personal lives, the programs have had a profound impact. We wholeheartedly recommend these programs to anyone seeking growth, both professionally and personally. Chrysalis and Lead to Succeed are truly investments that yield invaluable returns.  

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