Targeted Non-Clinical Skills Training for Veterinarians

Safeguard your veterinarians’ professional success, fulfilment, and wellbeing

Are you a veterinary practice owner, seeking a proactive way to enhance the satisfaction, effectiveness, and wellbeing of your veterinarians, while simultaneously improving their contribution to your commercial success?

Leading Edge for Veterinarians is an evidence-based non-technical competency training program designed to enhance your veterinarians’ clinical outcomes, resilience to stressors, workplace relationships, and professional fulfilment.

This RACE-Accredited program proactively empowers them with techniques and strategies proven to support longer, happier careers in general practice.

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Course Accreditation

Leading Edge for Veterinarians is recognised as continuing Professional
Development and accredited by the following industry organisations:

Who is it for?

Leading Edge for Veterinarians is your fast-track to success in the veterinary profession. This program is designed to rapidly upskill and teach pivotal non-clinical competencies to all veterinary professionals.​

Practicing Veterinarians of all experience levels

Veterinary Undergraduates

Veterinary Technicians

Leading Edge for Veterinarians is ideal for:

  • Veterinary practice owners and managers seeking to enhance their ability to improve the satisfaction, effectiveness, and wellbeing of their veterinarians.
  • Experienced practicing veterinarians aiming to deeply enhance their fulfilment, professional relationships, and patient outcomes in practice.
  • New and recent graduates looking to bridge the gap between their tertiary qualification and real-world practice, thereby accelerating their mastery as a veterinary professional.
  • Veterinary students aspiring to gain a competitive edge, expand their knowledge, and prepare for a successful career in veterinary practice.

How to Join

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What you receive and how we deliver the program

Convenient Online Learning

Veterinarians access online modules delivered weekly to their inbox. They can enjoy content on their PC or mobile device with the flexibility to watch in video format or simply listen.

Facilitating Thriving Veterinary Careers

Enhance their non-clinical skills proven to support  veterinary excellence, while effectively managing stress and avoiding burnout. They will acquire the tools to succeed professionally and personally.

Maximised Learning in Minimal Time

Bite-sized convenient modules designed for maximum learning in minimal time. Staggered weekly delivery ensures time for implementation of strategies in practice and allows them to stay engaged and up-to-date without overwhelming their busy schedule.

Master Their Professional Mindset

Help them gain a career advantage by mastering their mindset. Support their growth from imposter syndrome to a place of confident humility and enhance their comfort with the cost of the care they provide.

Evidence-Based & Inspiring Mentorship

This curriculum is shaped by research and refined by extensive firsthand experience in veterinary clinical practice and veterinary business. Engagement is optimised through mentorship provided by seasoned veterinarians and impact maximised by education design that leverages contemporary adult  learning principles.

Proven Impact

This RACE-Accredited program aligns with contemporary non-technical competency frameworks and provides training proven in clinical trials to improve resilience to workplace stressors, supporting improved professional success, satisfaction, and wellbeing.

Enhancing Productivity & Retention

This program has been demonstrated to have a substantial and swift impact on veterinarians’ ability to achieve premium healthcare outcomes for patients, supporting their productivity, as well as facilitating a sense of fulfilment and development that enhances their retention.  


Leading Edge for Veterinarians: Transforming Veterinary Careers

The veterinary profession is facing a global workforce crisis, with alarming levels of career dissatisfaction, burnout, and poor mental wellbeing in veterinary professionals, leading to unprecedented levels of attrition. Leading Edge for Veterinarians is an evidence-based program created in direct response to this urgent challenge.

A Sustainable Future for the Veterinary Profession

It’s targeted non-technical competency development with a clear mission: to proactively empower veterinarians to enjoy more success, fulfilment, and wellbeing in their careers and in doing so safeguard the sustainability of this remarkable profession.

This transformational video-based training series teaches veterinarians easy to implement non-clinical strategies and techniques proven to create enhanced workplace relationships, improved outcomes, and greater resilience to the stressors synonymous with veterinary practice.

Join Leading Edge for Veterinarians and unlock a world of benefits, including:

  • Discover the keys to ensuring your veterinarians enjoy sustained professional success, job satisfaction, and wellbeing.
  • Empower your veterinary team with invaluable non-technical skills and knowledge that allow them to excel in their role and love what they do.
  • They will access bite-sized on-demand modules designed to suit busy schedules, delivered weekly and tailored to support their specific needs.
  • Build your clinicians’ resilience to the typical stressors of veterinary practice to more effectively manage stress and avoid burnout.
  • They will be inspired by veterinary mentors who have “walked the talk” in practice and applied these principles to enjoy more success and satisfaction in their careers.
  • Develop your clinicians in a way that enhances their retention, improves patient and client outcomes, and supports the commercial prosperity of your business.
  • Allow them to connect with a global community of veterinary professionals for support, inspiration, and collaboration.
  • Develop your veterinarians with confidence with this evidence-based, RACE-Accredited continuing education.

Your Mentors, Facilitators, and Coaches

Meet the veterinary business experts who will develop, support, and guide you through our programs to a transformed experience in veterinary business.

How to Join

Unlock the secrets to transformative veterinary leadership that will revolutionise your business success! Seize this opportunity and schedule your complimentary 30-minute strategy session now to embark on a journey of veterinary excellence!

Stories of Transformation from Veterinary Professionals

Looking for Different Programs and Events?


Four-Day Immersive Leadership Development Program for Prospective & Current Veterinary Team Leaders

An immersive, four-day leadership development program delivered live, in person for prospective and current team leaders to reach new professional heights. They will be equipped with critical leadership competencies to not only bring their best selves to their roles, but also become more successful and influential leaders of your team.

An Online Video-Modular Series for Collective Team Development in Critical Behavioural Competencies

Across 24 video modules, delivered monthly, this development program teaches critical non-clinical competencies that will collectively engage and empower every member of your organisation in their own personal leadership and interpersonal skills. This highly interactive, RACE-Accredited program contributes to a healthier culture, increased engagement, and enhanced performance of individuals and teams.

Three-Year Veterinary Leadership and Business Development Program for Practice Owners & Senior Managers

A live, in-person three-year executive veterinary leadership and business development program for practice owners and senior managers. It enhances leadership capability, team culture, and commercial results, culminating in improved patient and client outcomes, talent retention, and lasting financial prosperity.


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