Our practice now operates at a high standard, with team members who share the same values and align with the business.

Ripley Veterinary Hospital

For a long time before I found Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, I faced a significant challenge in maintaining team culture with accountability. As a junior nurse, I lacked the guidance and training needed to lead effectively. 

The tipping point for seeking a solution was realising that without proper leadership standards, the team culture cannot flourish. It became evident that I needed a network like Lincoln Institute to transform the work environment. 

I first heard about Lincoln Institute through my experience at Flinders View Vets. Initially, I was sceptical about this new area of learning, but after a few sessions with our Guru, I began to see how the teachings applied to both work and personal life. 

I chose to proceed with Lincoln Institute because it not only provided guidance and support in my management role, but also set standards and expectations for our team. This commitment to Lincoln training sets us apart from other clinics. 

Completing the Chrysalis program and participating in the Emerging Leaders sessions has been invaluable. Attending the Omega Summit twice has further enriched my learning, equipping me with practical tools to bring back to my team. 

Though Lincoln Institute’s courses were already established in the clinic when I joined, witnessing new staff engage with the Leading Edge for Veterinarians program has been inspiring. The program empowers them to navigate difficult conversations, take accountability, and form strong bonds within the team. 

My outlook, both personally and professionally, has evolved significantly. I’ve become more attuned to team culture and recognise that a cohesive team is essential for a thriving business. Learning about accountability, goal setting, and understanding social styles has equipped me with versatile tools for various situations. 

Through the training and guidance from Lincoln Institute, I have witnessed substantial personal and professional growth. This journey culminated in being honoured as Australasia’s Best Team Leader of 2023—an achievement that stands as evidence of the impact of applying the tools learned and one that I hold close to my heart. 

Our practice now operates at a high standard, with team members who share the same values and align with the business. This unity has translated into exceptional performance metrics. 

I truly believe that Lincoln Institute is essential for anyone looking to elevate their veterinary business. In an industry known for its challenges, Lincoln Institute provides the support and training needed to foster a positive, purpose-driven, and high-standard team culture. 

In an industry prone to toxic environments, mental health concerns, and burnout, Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business serves as a beacon of support. 

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