Dr Mike Mesley

Mike Mesley

Leadership Coach, BVSc 

Dr Mike Mesley is Clinical Director and Owner of Snowy Vets, a group of two rural mixed Practices in Cooma and Jindabyne with a team of over 20.

After graduating from Sydney University in 2001, Mike worked in rural New South Wales and then England (including a stint with the Queen’s corgis in Windsor) before his move to the Snowy Mountains in 2007.

Mike has been the proud owner of Snowy Vets since 2007. During this time, the business has grown five-fold.

Mike designed the award-winning Cooma Hospital, which opened in 2014 and received ASAVA Hospital of Excellence Accreditation in 2018, and reaccreditation in 2023. Mike is particularly proud of the Building Designers of Australia Sustainable Design Award, which the hospital received in 2014.

In 2018, Snowy Vets was the inaugural recipient of Australia’s Best Led Practice Award at the Australasian Veterinary Leadership Awards, hosted by Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, and were finalists again in 2022.

One of Snowy Vets’ Chrysalis graduates, Maddie Bligh, was awarded Australia’s Best Team Leader in 2022. Mike is a graduate of the Lead to Succeed program and a member of the Lead to Succeed coaching team.

Through his coaching, Mike is driven to pass on his knowledge and the life-changing benefits he has received from learning the “Lincoln Secrets” to other veterinary business owners and managers.

Mike’s core values are creativity, balance, evolution, and education. He is passionate about positive psychology and in taking responsibility for our own physical and emotional wellbeing.

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