Karen Bearpark

Karen Bearpark

Leadership Coach

The growth of people and profits are two key factors that enable any Practice to be sustainable and grow with ease. Karen Bearpark knows this firsthand as the co-owner of one of South Australia’s most diversified Practices.

Karen grew the business from an original team of three in 2001 to five veterinarians and 16 support staff in 2019. During this period, the business grew above 12% consistently year-on-year with profitability well above the industry average.

Karen has a passion for providing a supportive and progressive space for others to work their magic and excel in their positions. This, coupled with her systems development and implementation, plus financial expertise, has enabled her and her partner to build a thriving Practice with exceptional team harmony and profitability.

Despite the success of her business, it had taken an emotional toll on Karen and by 2015, she had had enough. She prepared the business to be Fit for Sale and was ready to walk away from her childhood dream of working in the veterinary industry.

In 2015, Karen attended her first training with the Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, which was a pivotal turning point.

Karen walks the talk with both knowledge and life experience. She has built a highly successful business, lost her work-life balance in the process, and come through the other side renewed.

As a Leadership Coach, Karen pursues her mission to support and guide practice owners and team members to optimise their personal and professional leadership capabilities.

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