Vicky Ireland

Vicky Ireland

Leadership Coach

Vicky Ireland has been in the veterinary industry for more than 30 years. She began as a veterinary nurse and then became a practice manager. The next stop was to set up her own clinic with two business partners, and the real fun began with Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services.

After 20 years in the traditional veterinary business, Vicky set up a second company called MOVE Unleashed, which focuses on biomechanical sports medicine, rehabilitation, and continuing education.

A huge turning point in her business career was starting with the Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business. Vicky has a passion for people, pets, and providing mentorship through the Lead to Succeed program.

At home, Vicky is super family focused she has three children with huge sporting commitments. Their passions includ downhill mountain biking, dressage, and golf.

Vicky and her husband spend a lot of time at sporting events, and they love travelling nationally and internationally to support their children’s sporting pursuits. Her household has many fur babies, including the house ruler, Ian the ragdoll.

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