The most impactful aspect of Emerging Leaders has been witnessing the growth of the bond between our team members.

Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic

Our biggest challenge at Stephen Terrace Veterinary Clinic was recognising our untapped potential. We knew we had an exceptional team, but we weren’t functioning at our best. We lacked the tools and know-how to develop crucial competencies within our team, hindering our ability to provide top-notch care for our patients. 

Our commitment to continual improvement was the catalyst that inspired us to start on this journey. We believed in investing in our practice team to elevate our standards of service and care for our clients and their beloved pets. That’s when we heard about Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business. We first learned about Emerging Leaders during a two-day workshop in Queensland. 

I was entirely optimistic the content of your programs would align perfectly with our practice culture, values, and business goals. With this enthusiasm, we made the decision to proceed with the Emerging Leaders program. We were determined to develop our team and take our performance from merely good to a high level of excellence. 

The most impactful aspect of Emerging Leaders has been witnessing the growth of the bond between our team members. The program has helped us communicate and support one another in a positive, considerate, and caring way. This change in team dynamics has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Since starting the program, our veterinary practice has undergone a profound transformation. Team cohesion, trust, and resilience have grown immensely. Our team now operates seamlessly, even during busy days or emergencies, where our unity and collaboration shine through. 

On a personal level, my outlook has also changed for the better. I have developed a more positive and open-minded perspective, both professionally and personally. The Emerging Leaders program has not only improved our clinic, but has also had a profound impact on the individuals within our veterinary team. 

Our desired outcome through completing Emerging Leaders was to equip every team member with the knowledge and tools to improve their lives. We’ve made significant progress towards achieving this goal, as the feedback from our team has been overwhelmingly positive. They have found the program to be highly beneficial in their personal and professional growth. 

In terms of key metrics, our practice has seen substantial improvements in team performance and communication. These improvements have been particularly evident during busy periods and emergencies when our team collaborates seamlessly to provide the best care possible. 

To those considering the Emerging Leaders program, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. The content covered in the modules is invaluable for all team members, and the investment of time and commitment is well worth it. Your people will benefit greatly, both as individuals and as a united practice team.  

The Emerging Leaders program has been a game-changer for us, and it can be for you too!

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