The Emerging Leaders program has brought about positive changes in our clinic’s culture, team cohesion, and leadership approach.

Ripley Veterinary Hospital

Our clinic faced several challenges before we came across Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business. One significant hurdle was my transition from a veterinary nurse to a leadership role. Initially, I lacked the necessary training and knowledge to effectively manage and lead. We recognised the gaps in our leadership and management skills in our veterinary team. 

We were introduced to Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business through our clinic, which emphasised the importance of professional development and growth. Initially, I was somewhat sceptical about the impact the program would have on me, but my perspective would soon change. 

I chose to proceed with the Emerging Leaders program because I understood the value it brought to both my personal and professional growth. The program offered insights into various aspects of leadership, communication, and team management that I found incredibly beneficial. It allowed me to develop coaching skills, understand social styles, and enhance my ability to connect with team members and clients. 

The most impactful aspect of the program, for me, has been its focus on understanding social styles, coaching, and the ability to ‘flick the switch’ in communication. These skills have not only helped me become a better leader, but have also improved client interactions. 

Additionally, our clinic has incorporated many Lincoln fundamentals into our daily operations, including monthly emotional check-ins and utilising social styles assessments to improve team dynamics. 

The program has brought about positive changes in our clinic’s culture, team cohesion, and leadership approach. Personally, my goal was to become a more effective leader, and I have indeed progressed towards that achievement. The key metrics that have improved include better team dynamics, enhanced client interactions, and increased overall clinic efficiency. 

To others considering the program, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Emerging Leaders has been transformative for me, and I’ve witnessed its positive impact not only on myself, but also on colleagues and friends in the veterinary industry. It’s an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth, team development, and enhancing clinic culture. 

I’d like to express my gratitude to Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business for providing such a valuable program. Having been in the industry for a considerable time, I can confidently say this experience has been unique and incredibly beneficial.

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