The most impactful aspect of Lead to Succeed has been the ability to implement fundamental changes in the day-to-day management of the business.

Foothills Animal Hospital

When I consider my biggest hurdle in veterinary business, it was undoubtedly staff engagement and the lack of formalised human resources procedures. As a veterinarian, I had received extensive training in animal care, but I was not equipped with the necessary leadership skills to manage a successful veterinary practice. 

The turning point came when I heard glowing testimonials from fellow practice owners who had completed the Lead to Succeed program. They spoke passionately about how it had not only changed their professional lives, but also significantly reduced their stress levels within their businesses. This was the catalyst for me, to bridge the gap between being a skilled veterinarian and a proficient practice leader. 

Word of mouth introduced me to Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business, and initially, I approached it with a mixture of optimism and skepticism. To get a feel for it, I attended a two-day program introducing Lead to Succeed on the Gold Coast, Queensland. This allowed me to evaluate if it aligned with my goals and vision for Foothills Animal Hospital. 

What ultimately convinced me to proceed was the clear value and return on investment that I saw in the skills presented. The program offered practical tools and strategies that I could directly implement within my practice, and that prospect was incredibly appealing. 

The most impactful aspect of Lead to Succeed has been the ability to implement fundamental changes in the day-to-day management of the business based on the Lincoln principles. These principles have become the cornerstone of our operations, enabling us to navigate any challenge that comes our way with confidence and clarity. 

Since integrating Lead to Succeed into our practice, I’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in myself. My confidence in leadership has soared, and I now have the tools to effectively lead and inspire my team. This newfound confidence has translated into a more harmonious work environment, benefiting both staff and patients. 

Personally, and professionally, Lead to Succeed has been a game-changer. My business management skills have improved immensely, and the daily stresses that used to weigh heavily on me have significantly diminished. We’ve strategically placed the right people in the right positions, and I now have a toolbox at my disposal to shape Foothills Animal Hospital into the thriving veterinary hospital we envision. 

The outcome I aspired to achieve through completing Lead to Succeed was a sustainable, successful business delivering top-tier veterinary care, while fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork. We not only met those goals but exceeded them. We were honored to be awarded the Veterinary Business Group Business of the Year, a testament to the positive changes we’ve implemented. 

Key metrics, such as employee development and goal attainment, have seen substantial improvements. By focusing on bringing out the best in our team members, we’ve created a more dynamic and motivated workforce. 

To others considering Lead to Succeed, I wholeheartedly endorse the program. The return on investment far surpasses the initial expense. It equips you with the tools not only to grow as a leader, but also to cultivate a high-performing team. The impact on your practice, both professionally and personally, is immeasurable. Lead to Succeed has been the linchpin in our journey towards a more successful and fulfilling veterinary practice.

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