Since starting Lead to Succeed, our clinic’s turnover has surged from approximately $1.3million to an impressive $2.3million.

Green Island Veterinary Clinic

My limited understanding of leadership was holding me back. After purchasing the practice essentially to secure a job back in 2001, I knew something needed to change. While attending an NZVA conference, I came across Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business. 

The tipping point to seek a new solution was specifically hearing Paul Ainsworth speak in Hamilton. His insights made me realise how much there was to learn. 

Later, after attending a two-day event in Auckland, I was certain that Lincoln Institute of Veterinary Business was the right investment for me. The quality of the people involved in the program was a significant factor in my decision. 

The most impactful aspect of the Lead to Succeed program has been the arsenal of tools it provides to navigate situational challenges at work. These tools have been invaluable in addressing the recruitment and retention crisis in the veterinary industry. 

Since starting Lead to Succeed, our clinic’s turnover has surged from approximately $1.3million to an impressive $2.3million. We’ve also doubled our part-time veterinarians from three to six. 

Participating in Lead to Succeed has brought about a sense of quiet achievement and satisfaction. I take pride in contributing to the profession’s ability to retain talent and have gained a heightened awareness of our value as veterinary professionals. Additionally, I now enjoy more personal time away from work. 

Through the Lead to Succeed program, I aimed to have more personal time while maintaining income, enhance my leadership abilities, and alleviate recruitment challenges. I’m proud to say that I have achieved these goals, culminating in receiving the NZVA Business Excellence Award in 2021, largely due to how we prioritise staff welfare. 

Our clinic has witnessed marked improvements across various key metrics. Total turnover, staff numbers, gross and net profits, and revenue per veterinarian salary have all seen substantial increases. 

For those in a position to effect change in their workplace, considering Lead to Succeed is a wise decision. It’s particularly beneficial for business owners, and I strongly recommend it. 

Lead to Succeed has not only elevated our clinic’s performance, but has also given me insight into recognising poor behaviour and leadership in other clinics and even among clients. It’s been a transformative journey that I am immensely grateful for.

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