Joanna Dettl

Joanna Dettl

Leadership Coach

As a professional wellness coach, Joanna Dettl is trained in positive psychology and motivational interviewing, which can be applied to all aspects of business life.

She holds a certificate in Lifestyle Medicine obtained through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is certified by Wellcoaches, a Harvard Medical School and McLean Teaching Hospital affiliate.

Her early career in sales and marketing, including living and working in Europe and Asia, provided her with deep insights into the relationship between thought and action. Joanna also has a particular interest in addressing emotional eating and its impact on our working life.

Joanna believes we all have the capacity for substantial health and wellbeing change, including through leadership development for those in managerial positions, as reflected in the Lead to Succeed program.When not coaching, she enjoys spending time in nature with her four-legged friend.


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