Team Omega Alumni Membership via Platinum Plus subscription - agreement and inclusions

Congratulations on your decision to join Team Omega via Platinum Plus Membership.

Your eligibility for the Team Omega Platinum Plus Program recognises your graduation at the conclusion of the full three years of the Lead to Succeed Program.

Summary of Key Features Include: (See below for Key Features details 1-5)

  1. Two tickets to Lincoln’s Annual Omega Summit
  2. Two day bench-marking workshop per Annum (for 2 people)
  3. Four “reach-out” coaching sessions per Annum
  4. Discounts on a selection of Lincoln Programs
  5. Lincoln Advantage (LA) Wholesale Drug Discount
    • Lincoln Advantage (LA) Supplier Deals
    • Lincoln Advantage (LA) Manufacturer Rebates
    • Lincoln Advantage (LA) Insurance Discounts
  6. Ongoing full access to your Lead To Succeed Program content and Lincoln’s Development Resource Centre, via VetHub
  7. Employer of Excellence Accreditation – renewed annually
  8. Closed Facebook Group Membership – be promoted as a proactive practice and have the opportunity to engage with and mentor veterinarians participating in professional mastery training with Leading Edge. Have your Employer of Choice Accreditation actively promoted here also.
  9. Members only quarterly Webinars – stay connected
  10. Access to Read to Lead VLOGS and BLOGS

Schedule of Rates: OMEGA PROGRAM OPTION Monthly Rate




$697+ GST/month

Key Feature Details:

  1. Two complimentary tickets to The Omega Summit are included for every cycle of 12 months of rolling Omega Platinum membership.
    The fine print: Please note; if Omega Platinum membership is cancelled without completing a 12-month cycle of membership fees and an Omega Summit event was attended during that period, Lincoln reserves the right to charge for the Omega Summit event attendance as a cancellation fee. The amount charged will be equal to the “best advertised rate” for the Omega Summit event that was attended.
    Omega Platinum members are invited to book to attend the Omega Summit as a VIP with priority given to Omega Members to book places ahead of general ticket release. Tickets to Omega Summit are to be used within that 12 months of membership and cannot be rolled over to the following year.
  2. TOP plus members will have an opportunity once a year to catch up as a team for 2 days of business development. These events will be predominantly based either in Brisbane or on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and will include benchmarking as well as ‘saw-sharpening’ on business and leadership strategy.  This will serve as a great way to sustain the momentum you have created in your business development, to nurture the bonds you have created with your team and will be a means of maintaining your Employer of Choice accreditation each year. Membership includes 2 people to attend the bench marking however additional LTS graduates are also welcome to attend the business development event at a supplementary amount of $595 + GST per person.
  3. The 4 “Reach-out” coaching calls are 60-90-minute telephone or video conference calls with a coach of your choice to use at any time over the rolling 12-month membership period, helping you to achieve the best possible outcome with any challenges or opportunities that might arise.
  4. Discounts on a selection of Lincoln Programs including priority booking invitations. Emerging Leaders participants will enjoy a 20% discount on the regular monthly subscription rate. Leading Edge participants will enjoy a 20% discount on the regular monthly subscription rate. Chrysalis participants will enjoy a 20% discount on the regular rate for the first participant only. The fine print: The discounted Emerging Leaders and Leading Edge monthly subscription is dependant on a 12-month cycle commitment. Other program discounts are only applicable where a discount has not already been applied, for example, multi person rates for LTS / Chrysalis.
  5. Lincoln Advantage member benefits program is included in your Omega Platinum membership.


Accessing Lincoln Advantage member benefits as part of Omega Platinum is an optional inclusion.

If you are not already signed up to and utilizing Lincoln Advantage member benefits program here is some further information and a link to sign up now.

You are free to choose which components of Lincoln Advantage you wish to utilise. There is no requirement or expectation for you utilise any or all of the deals available. We have over 20 deals available for you to choose from which include discounts, cash rebates and preferential services with our wholesaler partner, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services across a range of business categories.

Upon completion of the on-line Lincoln Advantage Agreement sign up process, we will provide access to the Lincoln Advantage Deals Directory in VetHub. From here, you can see specific details of each benefit deal as well as where and how to access them.

If you are not already a member sign up here: click here otherwise please contact Chris Gough [email protected] for further information on this inclusion.

Payment terms are Direct Debit (nominated Credit Card). Invoices will be issued prior to each monthly automatic payment cycle.  Once your registration has been completed, we will contact you within 7 working days, to set up your Direct debit payments. Your initial payment will be processed within 7 days, followed by monthly payments, processed on the 14th of each month. Please note a 3.025% surcharge applies for AMEX transactions. This is a direct pass-through of costs from the credit card company. Visa and MasterCard will not incur any surcharge.

Direct Debit Terms

This Direct Debit Agreement sets out the terms on which you have authorised us, the Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd to arrange for payment of amounts that become payable on your account to be made by deductions from your bank account at, or by charging your credit card with, your financial institution (Direct Debit Request).

Your Direct Debit Authorisation allows us to arrange for payment of the amounts due to the Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd for the services we provide to you, at the due date of your bill(s) or another date as agreed between us. This authorisation also enables any changes in those amounts and payment times, to occur automatically – you will not need to complete a new form. Any new contracted services added to your Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd account will be subject to these Direct Debit Conditions.

Invoicing of your Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd services is done on a monthly basis, at the time of billing. Recurring services are charged in the month that the services are performed. The Total Due value on the invoice will be the amount processed in the Direct Debit transaction.

You can cancel, vary, defer or suspend the Direct Debit Authority, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, by emailing or calling us, but this must be arranged within 14 days of the due date of the invoice. If you do not provide us with this notice, we cannot guarantee the direct debit process can be stopped.

If you cancel, vary, defer or suspend your direct debit arrangements, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, you must arrange with Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd a suitable alternative payment method for all outstanding fees due, and ongoing contractual obligations.

If a due date for a debit falls on a weekend/ public holiday the debit will be processed on the next business day.

You must ensure you have sufficient clear funds available in the nominated bank account (if you are paying by direct debit from your bank account) or that you have sufficient credit available on your nominated credit card (if you are paying by credit card) on the due date to permit the payments under the Direct Debit Authority.

If a debit from your nominated bank account or to your nominated credit card is unsuccessful we will attempt to debit again twice. If still unsuccessful, we will contact you to arrange alternative payment or further deferral.

You must notify Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd if the nominated account is transferred or closed.

If you are paying by direct debit from a bank account, please ensure that your financial institution allows direct debits on your nominated account.

If any bank fees are incurred by Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd from a dishonoured direct debit, these fees may be passed on to you.

Upon cancellation of your contract with Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd, all direct debit requests will also be deemed cancelled.

Where you consider that a debit has been initiated incorrectly, you can contact our accounts via email with details of your dispute to [email protected].

Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd employs the policy of treating all records and account details relating to this Direct Debit Authority as Private. We will keep information about your bank account confidential, except to the extent necessary to administer your direct debit arrangements. If a claim is made on our financial institution in relation to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit, we may be required to disclose this information to our financial institution.